In recent years, Teledirekt has proven its dynamism and business in partnership with Telekom and from a sales-oriented company in the field of telecommunications, it has become a company with a serious stake in the introduction of optical infrastructure. We provide users with the latest digital experience making everyday moments more inspiring and beautiful with consistent quality in the provision of services.

Guided by the quality policy that the user should be provided with the most modern telecommunications solutions, through intensive work in the field but also continuous improvement of all members of our team, we strive to bring Telekom services to all homes throughout Serbia every day.

Career Development

If you want to be part of the Teledirekt team, grow and develop, our doors are open to you. The selection process depends on the position you are applying for and includes tests and interviews. If we have an open position that suits your knowledge and experience, we will contact you.

If we do not currently have an adequate open position, your CV will remain in our database and you will be contacted when a position corresponding to your knowledge, education and competencies has opened. Welcome to our team!